Welcome to Friv Soho.

We welcome you to one of the greatest collection of friv games. We have spent hours upon hours of optimizing this arcade game site for you to enjoy your favorite game. What have been done you might ask? We have tuned our site and servers for maximum performance, result? No lagging, no waiting time. Just pure fun.

No ads on Friv Soho?

Exactly. We run no ads on the site. We all think they are annoying and take too much focus from actually playing the game. But how? We run this website as a hobby and therefor we don't need any advertisement income from it. All we want is a free friv games portal, with maximum speed and no ads.Enjoy.

We all enjoy a fun game from time to time. Studies has shown that gaming can help relieve stress and loneliness, especially when playing MMORPG or other games that requires teamwork to win the game. Here at frivsoho.com we don't have that many games that requires you to be multiple players to complete the game. We have a lot of single player games.